"Denali Kennedy band is a Merlin Oregon based Indie Alt Rock trio,  
with all original, family friendly songs, that have enjoyed State FM  
and Nationwide College Radio airplay.  
The band embodies Denali on lead Vocals and guitars;  
with the adept time, tone, and feel of Bassist Maya Carnegie

(daughter of Platinum selling Funk band L.T.D.'s Lorenzo Carnegie)



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Denali Kennedy vocals/guitar

Q: “What’s the BAND look like??”(June 2022) 

A: “I am SUPER stoked to announce the NEW TRIO line-up, 

featuring Miss MAYA CARNEGIE groovin’ on ELECTRIC BASS!!! 

& Mr. GABRIEL JOHNSTON rippin’ on the DRUMS!!! 

  Both bringin’ HIGH LEVEL skill and experience to the group CREATING fantastic, 

CONTAGIOUS CHEMISTRY, the audience is gonna LOVE !!”  
- D.K.





(Original interview w/Denali, 2018)

Q: "So..Where are you from?" A: "Born in Alaska, raised in Oregon,

moved all over the country, currently enjoying Sunny Southern California."

  Q: "How long have you been into music?" 

  A: "Mom's a choral singer, Dad plays saxophone and piano, they got me my first acoustic guitar in third grade, been in Love with good music long as I can remember.." 

  Q:"Where all have you performed?" 

  A: "Sung and played everywhere from park benches to music festivals and venues of all sizes..."  

  Q: "What inspires your music?" 

  A: "OH boy, here goes... (deep breath).. Love, Nature, Beauty, Peace, Light, Passion, Sadness, Joy, Existence, God, Good, Fear, Evil, Wisdom, Humanity, Suffering, Redemption, Art, Faith, Earth, Space, Music, Love,.... 

Did I mention Love??" 

  Q: "What are your goals as a music making man on this earth?" 

  A: "To follow the musical legends that have gone before me, making songs and rhythms that move people to tears and dancing; give people a soundtrack to their lives, something to tap their toes to; a connection to the divine and unanswerable, to feel their heartbeats along with the sound of life; by singing for as many people as possible, as long as I'm able to." 

  Q:"Lastly, where can we find your music?" 

  A: "You can buy albums online, or at Live shows, and also select CD store shelves.."    

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